Welcome to Urban Lettering!!

Welcome to Urban Lettering! We are a company unlike many of the vinyl design stores out there. We specialize in custom orders. With the exception of a few of our promotional products, custom orders are all we do!! We provide a wide variety of fonts, color choices, quote ideas and a gallery full of photos to get your creative juices flowing, but for the most part, each of our products is created by one of our favourite designers... you!!

To get started, feel free to browse our galleries and look at past products we have helped to create. Then, email us at info@urbanlettering.com with a basic idea of what you are looking for. We will contact you within 24 hours, by email or phone, which ever is easiest for you.

Once we have finalized your design, a screen print of your project will be emailed to you for your final approval. Once everything is to your liking, the vinyl design will be cut and mailed within 2 business days.

**Some products, such as wall hangings and other assembled projects, may take longer.


Urban Lettering - Simple Application Instructions

It only takes a few minutes to transfer letters to your wall, board, window etc!

Your quote sheet comes as pre-spaced letters made up of 3 layers:
top layer: premask (through which you can see the letters)
middle layer: the letters themselves
bottom layer: white and shiny backing paper

Items needed:
• Tape
• Level/ruler
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Credit card, popsicle stick or stiff spatula for applying purposes

#1) Prepare the surface for the lettering. Dust or wash the area so you have a clean area to adhere the lettering. Some sayings come rolled up for shipment, it is best if these are allowed to lie flat until they stop trying to roll-up.

Using a tape measure, or level, create a very light reference line (or the straight edge of a piece of tape) that you can line the letters up on so they are level. Line up and tape your lettering along the guideline you created so it doesn’t move and become crooked. You can see the lettering through the transparent top layer (premask). If need be, sentences can be cut into smaller groups, or words can be lined up for sentences, stacked, wrapped around windows, etc… Once you have the saying all aligned, tape the right half in place.

#2) With the edge of a credit card, stiff spatula, or other stiff item, Lightly rub over the saying to make sure the saying is sticking to the premask (it sometimes separates in shipping) Slowly peel off the left half of the backing paper. Cut the backing paper off, and holding the premask taut, slide credit card from right to left, laying the lettering onto surface. Remove the tape from the right side, and repeat. Note:The smaller the lettering, the more it will want to stick to the premask. Especially if you’re applying this to a textured surface, like a wall, run your finger over all of the lettering to press it firmly to the surface. If the letters are being stubborn, rub them on, and then allow the project to sit on the surface for a few minutes before removing the premask. This will make them adhere better to the surface.

#3) Rub over the lettering with credit card to securely adhere them to your wall. Work from the center out on both sides letting the credit card act as a squeegee over the lettering. Carefully smooth out any air bubbles, but don’t be too aggressive, the vinyl can stretch if forced. The lettering has a pressure sensitive adhesive, when it is rubbed, the adhesive is activated, and the lettering will stick. Let the product stand for a few minutes to allow the adhesive time to stick.

#4) Carefully peel off the premask to reveal your letters. On some surfaces, you will need to help the vinyl separate from the premask. Patiently work the product off the premask and onto the wall.

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